Sunday, January 27, 2013

Information for my Blog Viewers

Something new is happening with the on-line displaying of my artwork.
I am going to start using my blog to show my work in progess. You can see my studies in pencil, or my pastel contour drawing, prior to my applying any pastel. You may watch the underpainting and the overpainting as they are unfolding.
As I work,  I may find something that needs to be changed--maybe the composition wasn't quite right in the contour drawing or the colors weren't working. You will be able to see where changes were made as part of my process.
I will post a number of photos to show the evolution of my painting, with the last photo representing the "almost complete" one. The finished piece will be shown on my new website:
Please check that one out as well! And thank you!
Matt Peake

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Overlook #11 (in process)